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Market Value Report: Why You May Need One


I’m often contacted by home sellers who want to know the value of their home because it’s vital when they go to market. However, there are other uses for a market value report whether you’re selling or staying.

Here are 5 examples why a market evaluation is important:

  1. Want to renovate?
    The report can help you determine which projects will increase your home’s value the most.
  2. Why are nearby homes selling? And, for how much?
    You can see the “for sale” and “sold” signs up, but your report will give you an idea of market prices and nearby home features.
  3. What types of homes are buyers looking for today?
    The report will help you time your sale by providing insight into current home sales.
  4. Is it the right time to move up or downsize?
    See how markets are trending to get the best deal on a new home and your own sale.
  5. Do I have equity that I can enjoy?
    The report can show you refinancing opportunities.

I’m happy to provide home value assessment reports at no cost: it’s my job to know your market.

Contact me anytime with your real estate questions, I’m happy to help!

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